Over the past 8-9 months, Apex Legends has suffered the similar fate as so a lot of games ahead of it as it turned a breeding ground for cheaters. Considering that Apex Legends is a competitive struggle royale game, players will do nearly anything to achieve an gain more than their opponents. These techniques range from abusing ‘broken’ mechanics and making use of a ‘meta’ loadout to straight-up hacking and dishonest.


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DDOSing has turn into an really widespread approach of dishonest in Apex Legends. The phrase stands for Dispersed Denial of Provider and is incredibly disheartening for the sufferer. This kind of attack normally takes edge of the unique capability restrictions that utilize to any network methods. As a result, the victim of a DDoS attack gets disconnected from the game’s server and is unable to perform.

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How does Apex Legends plan to offer with cheaters?

Even though this can be quite aggravating in any activity method, it is primarily disruptive in the Ranked activity mode. Gamers have been getting rid of their matchmaking score because of to the get the job done of cheaters and by using no fault of their have.

Once they observed the problem, Respawn Amusement vowed to take “huge steps” in purchase to suppress dishonest in Apex Legends. This resulted in some players currently being banned and Respawn even threatening legal action in some conditions. Additionally, in their new tweet to battle dishonest, Respawn enlisted their 3-pronged technique to tackle the challenge.

This consists of:

  1. Employing additional people to target on guide bans
  2. Wrench Acquiring a lot more resources to instantly detect and quit DDOS attacks
  3. Stop signal Investigating strategies to a lot more rapidly catch and get rid of cheaters from games


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In reaction to this tweet, members of the Apex Legends group started out a hashtag termed #SaveApexRanked. The aim of this hashtag is rather self-explanatory, to secure the Apex Rated manner from cheaters. Although Respawn Enjoyment looks to be having ways in the proper route, it will be challenging for them to reduce all the cheaters from a free of charge-to-play game without using drastic measures.

Do you believe Respawn Enjoyment will be thriving in its struggle in opposition to cheaters? Permit us know in the responses below.


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