Via the time we have had taking part in Apex Legends Year 9, we have concluded the very best landing spots you and your team should be visiting in each Infested Olympus and World’s Edge.

Apex Legends has been heading by means of a slight “dry spell” as of recent, but for those people who are still savoring the video game, or probably just finding into it, understanding where by to land can be essential to your team’s effectiveness.

For Time 9, the first Apex Legends map, Kings Canyon, usually takes a year-long hiatus, with Infested Olympus and World’s Edge getting the spotlight.

Finest Apex Legends landing places in Year 9

In Apex Legends, it’s not just about selecting the ideal weapons and Legends. It is also essential to know the map and land in destinations you know are advantageous.

Particular places are improved than many others just in phrases of loot, and some other folks are improved for positioning and rotation. In this tutorial, we’ll go via the greatest Apex Legends landing places for equally World’s Edge and Olympus, which will support your group get much more online games.



Icarus is the new place for Olympus in Season 9, which capabilities a big ship infested by otherworldly vegetation. This is a fantastic area for loot, specifically if you obtain the Bridge keycard, which will give you access to the front of the ship that contains high rarity loot.

Further more, this area is also fantastic for positioning. Although it is in between rather a couple of destinations, it is heavily protected and even has a vantage point above Photo voltaic Array.


Docks is a further just one of the most effective Apex Legends landing spots on Olympus in Time 9, as not only is there a ton of loot, but it is also quite isolated from other POIs, permitting you and your staff to loot up worry-free of charge unless of course yet another crew landed with you.

When looted up, Docks is in a good location for players to possibly acquire up a great placement at shoot at these in Provider or even stroll up to Struggle Night time and decide off the chaos ordinarily brewing there.


And finally, we have Elysium, a wonderful place that hovers over and to the facet of Hydroponics. Despite the fact that this spot may look little, it is basically very advantageous in conditions of loot.

There is normally superior rarity loot in the heart, with the circular structures and the inside section also that contains lots of loot for the workforce. You can also rotate effortlessly from this area, with a car or truck quite near by, and also the option to choose a fight in Hydroponics.

Word’s Edge


Bloodhound’s Trials was released again in Time 4 and continues to be 1 of the most effective Apex Legends landing places for loot and positioning in Time 9.

Not only can players get fantastic loot right here by killing the Prowlers and completing the trials, but it is also a wonderful spot for rotating and even finding a struggle in either Countdown or Skyhook.


This is a area that quite a few players will try out to stay away from as it is properly in a ditch, enabling teams to gain angles and get the large ground. Nonetheless, this location is a great landing place for a workforce that rotates and loots rapidly.

There is a whole lot of fantastic loot in this article, with the option to shift on best of Study Camp for even more. Additional, there is also the opportunity to take the nearby Redeploy Balloon and rotate, possibly towards Fragment East/West or even Refinery based on the circle.


The countdown is one particular of the more recent destinations on Word’s Edge, replacing Drill Web page in Period 6. It is a fantastic landing place, mainly for loot, but there is an option for kills, as it is a popular location for players to rotate via when landing on the leading still left facet of the map.

If you’re a coordinated team, be guaranteed to have one participant land in the middle and then one more player land on the leading where the button is, as this will let you to entry the better tier loot in the center.

Perfectly, there you have it, the ideal Apex Legends landing spots for you and your staff in Time 9: Legacy. For all those who miss out on Mirage Voyage on World’s Edge, check out our report on the devs discussing no matter whether it will be witnessed outside of Arenas all over again.

Picture Credits: Respawn Leisure