Like any new update, the Apex Legends Genesis Selection Occasion has provided dataminers a probability to dig into some new code, revealing new leaks about a upcoming Legend currently recognized as “Seer.”

The Apex Legends Genesis update has given gamers a good deal of new content material to delight in, with some adjustments in the weapon meta, as properly as nerfs and buffs to sure Legends.

Not only have gamers been savoring the new written content, but dataminers as well have been offered new code to dig about and leak some future content. The hottest leak surrounds a future Legend recognised as “Seer,” which gamers may well have been teased about again in Period 8.

In Period 8, players had been equipped to take part in an Arena teaser, which associated obtaining Corrupted Keycards and scanning Holosprays throughout Kings Canyon and Olympus.

This activated a teaser in the Firing Selection which sent players to a new spot and teased the 3v3 method Arenas. Through this teaser, some gamers could have seen a suspicious-looking symbol on the wall just in advance of activating the elevator.

Players in the beginning didn’t see this teaser, with some basically speculating it was for the Season 9 Legend, Valkyrie. Having said that, it looks new leaks have now discovered who this teaser is referring to.

Apex Legends Seer leak

The dataminer liable for the leaks is @SomeoneWhoLeaks, a honest dataminer who has leaked issues in the previous, this sort of as Valkyrie currently being the Period 9 Legend.

Although there was speculation that “Pariah” would be the future Legend, it appears the dataminer implies Seer could be the Year 10 Legend, as their means icons, and “Moth Drone” have equally been identified in the game’s data files.

Seer’s skill icons

A few icons have been located for Seer’s talents, but a single factor that is not recognized is what each individual icon is for. Each Legend has 3 ability icons, 1 just about every for their Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate.

The initially picture may well be Seer’s passive, the next is their Tactical, and the last impression is their Moth Drone, which SomeoneWhoLeaks also discovered.

Apex Legends Seer Moth Drone

Whilst it is not apparent still what the drone will do, SomeoneWhoLeaks has managed to obtain Seer’s Moth to deploy animation. The Moth concept correlates to the Season 8 Arena teaser, which introduced graffiti artwork of a moth with eyes, which could be the Legend’s symbol.

SomeoneWhoLeaks also managed to get an graphic of Seers Moth drone as a charm, providing a additional thorough appear at what players can count on in-activity.

Recall, these are just leaks, and practically nothing is still confirmed by Respawn Amusement, so consider all of this with a pinch of salt, as we know the devs have the capacity to alter and duke dataminers as they did with Revenant‘s launch back again in Year 4.

Irrespective, it’s generally exciting to see what new code the updates provide, interesting gamers for what is to occur.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / SomeoneWhoLeaks / Frunjola