I am incredibly lucky that my mom confirmed me film musicals from a extremely younger age. She didn’t just clearly show me the Disney musicals, like Elegance and the Beast, and The Tiny Mermaid. I was uncovered to Julie Andrews‘s Maria and Brandy’s Cinderella. I was mesmerized by all of these movies. I loved the storytelling. I beloved the new music. I loved the romance. I wanted so badly to be just like the females I noticed in people films, in particular Julie Andrews. Julie Andrews just has this charming electric power to her. She is equipped to thoroughly dedicate to any of her roles. She usually takes moviegoers into the story. I never feel that I would have performed theatre if I hadn’t been uncovered to these films.

In middle college, we would check out a musical or two in songs course just about every year. This is where I realized about the pleasure of golden age musicals, especially the dance figures. In seventh grade, I viewed Fred Astaire dance for the initially time in Singin’ in the Rain. Now, I am not a dancer. I’m pretty substantially a mover. Nonetheless, Astaire and the other performers in that movie were some of the to start with cases I observed that showed how dancing can explain to a tale. Beside the titular quantity, “Excellent Morning” sticks out the most to me. I love the use of faucet in get to exhibit how psyched they are to solve the complications their movie has been owning. Tap is just so energetic that it helps make the viewer just as fired up as the people.

In high school, I definitely started to dive deep into the style of movie musicals. One particular of them remaining Les Miserables. Now say what you will about this film, but there are some genuinely stunning performances in this film. Anne Hawthaway is the stand-out for me. Her efficiency as Fatine was so raw and strong. Throughout “I Dreamed A Dream ” was one of the to start with situations I truly cried seeing a film. Hawthaway did an incredible occupation of getting the viewer to a area of pure despair to the point of supplying up. Fatine has hit rock bottom and you can truly feel her pain.


Superior school was also when I viewed my very first Marilyn Monroe movie, the musical Gentlemen Desire Blondes. I had constantly had a fascination with her, but hadn’t found a movie. Even while Marilyn plays her standard dumb blonde job in this film, she performs it so neatly and gives depth to her character. I’m quite significantly a nerd, so I like to do analysis about the films I observe. In performing so, I acquired that she suggested incorporating the line, “I can be intelligent when it’s important. Adult males just do not like it.” This was incredibly ahead it can be time. It termed out that gentlemen at that time had been wanting females to be dumb and submissive, instead than their very own people.

My senior 12 months, I seasoned my 1st exposure to Bob Fosse‘s perform. I experienced taken a musical theatre dance class that year, and we labored on dances by diverse choreographers, one particular currently being Fosse. Following making the most of his bizarre way of dance, I required to check out additional of his operate, so I watched the motion picture variation of Chicago. Despite the fact that he did not work directly on this film, it does try to pay tribute to him. This was the first time I noticed girls be portrayed confident and possessing sexual agency, not only in the way they dance. Mobile Block Tango is nevertheless so impressive. The women in that track aren’t concerned to talk their brain and dance for their individual profit, rather than some others. The females lead that quantity, not the gentlemen.


My 1st yr of higher education, I was struggling. I did not come to feel enthusiastic as a politics major. I desired to change to theatre, but I was terrified and failed to know if I nonetheless loved it. That is till I viewed West Facet Story. This movie is what reminded me of what I loved about theatre. It reminded me of the joy you working experience when the primary few meets. It reminded me how dance and track can inform a tale like absolutely nothing else. It reminded me of how theatre authorized me to escape. It produced me want to do theatre yet again permanently.