Preferred streamer NICKMERCS is broadly recognized for teaming up with TimTheTatman and Cloakzy on video games like Phone of Responsibility and Apex Legends. Sad to say for him, that does not imply he never regrets it. 

NICKMERCS may perhaps be relatively new to the Apex Legends globe soon after asserting he is quickly leaving Warzone, but there’s no doubt that some of his FPS talents have translated in excess of to the futuristic battle royale sport.

Because the change from Warzone, Nick – as well as his teammates TimTheTatman and Cloakzy – have noticed viewership quantities that place the trio in the major 10 checklist of Apex Streamers on Twitch. 

What stands out the most when it arrives to watching TimTheTatman is how normally he dies in games. No matter whether it be drop hurt, dropping in a shoot out or not getting a crown in Fall Fellas, TimTheTatman is made use of to taking on the character of ‘scapegoat’ in a group.

Respawn Leisure/Shrugtal

Apex Legends Year 10 has introduced loads of significant Twitch and YouTube streamers back again to the sport.

NICKMERCS & TimTheTatman chasing Apex Diamond rank

In an August 9 stream, it appears as if nothing has transformed on that entrance. 

Even though in a shootout with enemy gamers, Nick, Tim and Cloakzy get squad wiped and shed the match through their quest to arrive at Diamond rank in Apex Legends. 

Suitable just after, Nick suggests “F**k” although obtrusive at the digicam and you can listen to TimTheTatman in the background stating: “I did not know you had been down, down”. When they finally leave the lobby and Nick sees they lost rank factors, he smacks his forehead frequently.

NICKMERCS currently being held back again?

When the crew waits in the queue for a new ranked match, NICKMERCS goes on a rant about his teammates, claiming he’s remaining held back again by them.

“I am going into these matches less than the assumption that I am likely to climb in diamond. I messed up.”

Then, it turned into a meme

Shortly right after, Nick took to Notepad to categorical his thoughts. “This utilized to help me back again in high college,” he joked. 

As the FaZe Clan star switches the display screen more than to demonstrate it, he proceeded to style: “You are not gonna climb diamond with Tim” continuously.

With numerous typos in his sentences, this prospects to him smashing the keyboard and yelling “F**k!”. 

While the foreseeable future of the team may well have been in doubt for a few hilarious times, there’s no question that they will reunite yet again in the Apex Online games.

It’s possible sometime, they will hit Diamond rank together, but not at this rate.