In “Stillwater,” Matt Damon wears a collection of plaid shirts tucked into his blue denims, a mesh ballcap pulled reduced on his brow and wraparound shades about his eyes. He has a goatee and punctuates his sentences with “sure, ma’am” and “no, sir.” He is an Oklahoman, or at the very least Hollywood’s finest approximation of a rugged, purple-blooded center American. 

It is really a durable general performance in a motion picture that retains shifting beneath his feet. “Stillwater” is a domestic drama turned adult thriller turned fish-out-of-water redemption story, with yet another shake-up or two thrown in before the end credits roll. It really is about tricky alternatives and harder penalties, and however it does not generally hold drinking water, it still leaves a lasting outcome on the viewer. 

Damon plays Bill Baker, who is cleansing up damage at a twister website when we 1st meet him. It could be (and is) a metaphor for his life: He is an ex-con scraping by and getting operate wherever he can get it, dwelling in a modest put and having off his hat to pray around his Sonic tots while looking at reruns on TV at the conclusion of the working day and having up to do it all about all over again.