A North Texas lady not long ago acquired she had a felony warrant for allegedly not returning Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Other people have comparable tales, also.

DALLAS — Caron McBride has experienced an enjoyable yr.  

She got married in November. 

But it was the collection of events that arrived immediately after – when the North Texas girl uncovered she had a felony warrant for allegedly not returning “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” – that it took an odd transform.

A number of months again, McBride mentioned she went to update the title on her driver’s license, following her marriage ceremony. “And the DMV claims, ‘no’,” McBride recalled. 

“They explained they couldn’t assistance me till I acquired the issue cleared up in Oklahoma,” she explained.

Only dilemma: McBride was not common with any issue in Oklahoma. She claimed she experienced only lived there for a few months in the late 90s. 

But, at some point, she realized the challenge was out of Norman, in Cleveland County. And the county educated her of the issue.

“They instructed me that I experienced a felony embezzlement warrant for me, and she said it was for a VHS tape not becoming returned to the motion picture position in 1999,” McBride spelled out. 

“Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Which is the movie Cleveland County claimed McBride allegedly did not return. McBride said she never watched it (whilst she thinks an ex-boyfriend rented it).

“I think he went and picked it up for the ladies, and just didn’t just take it back or anything,” McBride stated.

Following finding out of the alleged criminal offense, Cleveland County dropped the cost.

“Now, when I walked into the DMV after this was cleared up … when I bought up to the counter and she saw my identify and she seemed at me and she reported, ‘are you the …,’” McBride reported with a snicker. “And I reported, ‘yes, ma’am. I am. Can I be sure to alter my title now?’”

It turns out prosecutors ended up just following the law at the time. 

In the late-90’s, Tim Kuykandall was the Cleveland County District Legal professional. Back then, in Oklahoma, it was a felony cost to not return movies like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” which, in 1999, was valued at $58.59 cents.

“In 1999 (in Oklahoma), embezzling something like a online video video game or a VHS tape, if it was valued at a lot more than $50, it was a felony cost,” Kuykendall defined. “That legislation transformed in 2004 to make the threshold $500.”

At this time, the legislation claims anything valued at additional than $1000 is a felony, “which is a ton a lot more acceptable than what it was in 1999,” Kuykendall reported.

Other people had challenges with movie or movie sport returns, way too.

In 2018, George Goure was pulled over for speeding on Tinker Air Drive Base in close proximity to Oklahoma Metropolis. Several hours later he was making ready for a night at the Oklahoma County Detention Middle.

“Like, I am truly sitting down below on this concrete slab, in a jail, since of a video match I didn’t return 21 decades ago?” Goure questioned.

That’s the movie game George allegedly did not return in 1997, and 21 yrs later, he was arrested on foundation immediately after studying of his felony warrant for embezzlement in Cleveland County.

“I never comprehend how any person could probably feel how that would be Alright to make that a felony,” Goure explained. “I just can’t visualize what’s going as a result of someone’s intellect to consider, ‘hey you know what we really should do? We ought to make not returning a video match a felony!’ Like, ‘that’s a great thought, let us seriously adhere it to the individuals,’ ya know what I signify?”

Cleveland County dropped Goure’s cost, too, but Kuykendall reported Oklahomans could want to look at if they are wanted.

“It’s pretty attainable that a great deal of persons that had been charged back in 1999 or right before had rates filed from them, and they really do not find out about it for a long time,” Kuykendall explained. “I’m certain there are, for the reason that there are hundreds, thousands across the state, costs that were being filed 20 – 22 several years in the past and some of those I’m positive are nonetheless lively warrants.”

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