If you have heard anything at all about Stillwater, a new film that opened this weekend, it’s likely that it’s loosely centered on the functions in the Amanda Knox case—Knox herself wishes she experienced been remaining out of it—and that it stars Matt Damon. All those two info may to begin with seem to be in conflict with each and every other: I don’t think he would make any casting director’s want list for the purpose of a feminine college or university college student who’s been billed with killing her roommate, staying that he is both of those male and 50 years previous. (Will Looking no a lot more!) Certainly, alternatively of focusing on the college student in this sort of a state of affairs, Stillwater centers on her father, and that’s Damon character. That alternative is the first significant notify that that the film is not a simple adaptation of actual-existence activities, but it does not cease there. The dissimilarities in between Knox’s scenario and Stillwater run deep—here’s an stock of the most big details in which serious existence and fiction diverge, such as some spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie.

Biographical Particulars

Amanda Knox is from Seattle, wherever she arrived from a center-course family and attended the College of Washington. Her mothers and fathers divorced when she was a little one, and both equally remarried. Stillwater presents Allison Baker (performed by Abigail Breslin) a considerably less steady and as a result far more extraordinary backstory: She’s lousy, from rural Oklahoma, and was mostly raised by her grandmother for the reason that her mom died by suicide and her father, Bill (which is Damon), had compound abuse and lawful complications.

Knox’s father, Curt Knox, who worked in finance, spoke to the media about his daughter’s circumstance, but he was not a cloak-and-dagger figure and her lone lifeline, so the Monthly bill Baker character is basically a whole-fabric invention. After yet again, the included-in details about his past heighten the drama: Bill is a higher college dropout who operates on oil rigs, but when we meet him, he’s not too long ago laid off and has been doing the job shifts in development and twister cleanup to get by. He’s a bit of a heartland stereotype: He’s a male of couple of phrases (and when he does converse, he says “ma’am” a good deal). He wears a baseball hat and jeans almost everywhere, prays before meals, has a tattoo of an eagle on his arm, owns guns, and insistently only speaks English, regardless of spending a important quantity of time in Europe in relationship with his daughter’s scenario. While all of this appears to be to scream “Trump supporter,” the film avoids stating the character’s political sights: When another character asks him who he voted for in the U.S. presidential election, he claims he did not vote at all, on account of remaining a felon. Bill and his daughter aren’t normally at odds, but due to his unreliability about the decades, she does not belief him.

The Crime

In November 2007, Meredith Kercher’s overall body was identified in her apartment in Perugia, Italy. Kercher experienced been on exchange from a college in her native England to review there that slide and residing with one more exchange university student, Amanda Knox, an American. Knox was ultimately charged with the murder, along with her then-boyfriend, an Italian student named Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede, a area person who was acquainted with a guy Kercher was courting.

Stillwater switches out Perugia for Marseille, France, where by American scholar Allison was billed with murdering Lina, a younger girl of Arab descent with whom Allison both of those lived and was romantically associated at the time of her dying.

Stereotypes and Tabloid Fees

Knox garnered an enormous quantity of media attention globally: She was dubbed a femme fatale and nicknamed “Foxy Knoxy,” and all types of outlandish theories ended up spouted through the ensuing frenzy, like the one particular that the killing was section of 1 of her and Sollecito’s drug-fueled sex online games. Echoing the way tabloids speculated wildly about Knox’s intercourse lifetime, in Stillwater, it is implied that the media seized on Allison and Lina’s similar-sexual intercourse relationship as a salacious element. There is further rigidity in Allison’s nationality: Even with her not truly coming from a household of significantly implies, she’s regarded as privileged for the reason that she’s a white American college pupil.

Other Suspects

The the vast majority of the media attention focused on Knox and Sollecito in the Italy case, but there have been a few other notable people today who have been investigated. When Knox to begin with questioned by law enforcement about the circumstance, she implicated Patrick Lumumba, her boss at a bar wherever she labored section time. He was arrested, but was produced just after a shorter time, and Knox blamed fingering him on manipulation from Italian authorities. Extra importantly, Guede was arrested as a possible matter a handful of months following the murder. Guede had fled to Germany just after the human body was found out but was extradited back again to Italy.

In Stillwater, Allison claims that the evening Lina was murdered, she experienced beverages with a person named Akim, who then stole Allison’s purse and killed Lina. When the motion picture begins, Akim has hardly ever been observed, but Allison thinks monitoring him down and screening his DNA could exonerate her. In equally cases, a international white lady accusing a nonwhite male of the crime heightens tensions in the motion picture, quite a few doubt Akim exists at all.

Trials and Jail Sentence

In Knox and Sollecito’s 1st trial in 2009, they ended up convicted of murder and sexual violence, among other charges, and sentenced to 26 and 25 many years in jail, respectively. They won a 2011 attractiveness and were being unveiled following expending four years in jail. The legal saga even now wasn’t over: In 2013, an Italian court docket reversed the acquittal. They ended up cleared yet again, seemingly when and for all, in 2015. Guede, whose fingerprints and DNA had been found at the criminal offense scene, opted for a rapid-tracked demo and was convicted in 2008. He was initially supplied a sentence of 30 many years, but it was reduced around time, and he was eventually produced in 2020 and told he could finish his sentence by local community company. Guede is now the sole human being convicted of the murder.

In the film, a gravestone places Lina’s demise in 2014, and when we satisfy her, Allison has been in prison for 5 a long time, with 4 extra to serve. It is very clear she has been as a result of an appeals process as properly, due to the fact when Monthly bill consults Allison’s law firm about a potential new direct involving Akim, she urges the Bakers to drop it and make peace with the sentence. Bill seeks to come across Akim because there was unidentified DNA at Lina’s murder scene, an echo of the other proof in the Knox circumstance.

Supporting Their Daughters

The Knox relatives initially made use of airline miles, vacation time, and ill time to locate a way for at least one particular household member to be in Italy to be with Amanda and attend her demo at each individual possible moment, and there ended up moments when they lived there for stretches. Shelling out for living arrangements as very well as her authorized service fees still left her relatives in negative condition economically. Amanda’s moms and dads also had their individual brush with the regulation when in Italy: At one particular point, Amanda’s mom and father have been charged with slander for alleging that police abused their daughter whilst interrogating her about Kercher’s murder.

Like the Knoxes, Monthly bill Baker visits his daughter in jail in Marseille frequently, so much so that the employees at the hotel the place he stays know him nicely. More than the study course of the movie, he finishes up relocating to Marseille forever for a time. Allison’s grandmother is in inadequate wellness and not able to check out, so Monthly bill is all she has. It is clear that Allison’s scenario has put a strain on their presently-strapped family. In the film, it is pointed out that Bill the moment punched a journalist more than frustration with the scenario and how his daughter was becoming handled.

Time in Prison

Although Amanda Knox was in jail, she stored hectic in a variety of methods, which she wrote about in her 2013 memoir: She studied Italian, stored a diary, exercised, hung out with the toddler little one of one more inmate as perfectly as the prison’s chaplain, and she assisted fellow inmates by composing and translating for them.

We know less about how Allison used her time in jail, but it will come up that she employed to work in the library and no for a longer time does as the occasions of the film start off. It is unclear if she worked on improving upon her French though in jail or arrived into it with a superior command of the language, but she can examine and generate in the language, and by the time she gets a parole working day to spend absent from jail, her French is very good enough to impress the lady Invoice is residing with and her daughter.

Knox has explained she regarded suicide whilst in jail in the movie, Allison tries to dangle herself right after the conditional day release.

Falling in Enjoy With a Area Hot Woman

There is no community document of Curt Knox slipping in adore with a area hot girl even though investing time in Italy to go to his daughter and support her all through her demo. In distinction, considerably of the plot of Stillwater is devoted to Monthly bill Baker meeting and slipping in adore with a neighborhood very hot girl when staying in Marseille for his daughter and her situation.

Satisfied (?) Ending

After a four-12 months ordeal in Italy, on her release from prison, Amanda Knox got a hero’s welcome back again to the United States in 2011. Allison is also finally introduced just after some questionable heroics from Bill and receives a town reasonable on her return to Oklahoma. I will not convey to you the ultimate twist, but supplied how a great deal it veers away from the Knox story, it likely will not appear as a surprise that the movie’s best resolution is a minor extra extraordinary than what happened after Knox arrived home.